How to Make Money Making Music?

Latest announcement of the release of Da Poloman’s newest E Book! Hackensack, NJ USA — Dec 11, 2018 — Da Poloman is excited to announce the release of his new book, “Superstar Dreams: Monetize Your Music”. The official launch date for the book was Dec 09, 2018. Da Poloman is an international hip-hop/pop music artist […]

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Who is Da Poloman?

The artist Polo was born April 6, 1993 in Paterson NJ, as time began he was noticed as a poet with the assistance from Nequia T. Nelson, and Kirea O. McIntosh. Hackensack NJ is now the home of this artist , Polo’s work explores the relationship between postmodern discourse and unwanted gifts. With influences as […]

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Becoming A Music Artist: How to Register Your Docs

This article will give you the complete insight on how to register your business as a musical artist. As prior to reading Superstar Dreams: Monetize Your Music, we figure out that it is required to register yourself as a business when you are a music artist. If you still haven’t read the book, you can read it for free on amazon kindle. Here is the link to view it on all of your devices. http://a.co/d/4oiv2to

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Let’s UNIFY America, Again!

America was founded by a group of immigrants, who protested perceived and/ or actual oppression, and sought, to create, a nation, where all people are created equal, and our pledge committed, to liberty and justice, for all. Only in the 1950’s were the words, under God, added to our Pledge, and placed, between, one nation, […]

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